Javier Zarracina

Bringing over 30 years of experience to the news industry, Javier Zarracina is a dedicated proponent of the power of visual storytelling as a transformative catalyst for newsrooms and media enterprises.

Currently serving as the Senior Graphics Director at USA Today, Javier handles a spectrum of responsibilities, encompassing the ideation, research, and creation of interactive presentations, print and motion graphics and all types of data visualization across diverse platforms within the USA Today.

Further, Javier collaborates closely with editors and newsrooms within Gannett Network to discern priorities and long-term strategies for visual storytelling. He acts as a key liaison with various teams, and platforms, overseeing the editing process of both daily and long-term data visualizations.

Javier's extensive professional background includes roles as Graphics Editor at Vox.com, Graphics and Data Editor at the Los Angeles Times, and Graphics Director of The Boston Globe and Deputy Graphics Director at the San Jose Mercury News. 

Internationally, Javier was Graphics Director at El Correo in Bilbao, Spain.

and Visual Director at Grupo Vocento in Madrid, Spain.

A respected voice in the field, Javier frequently delivers presentations on Visual Storytelling and shares knowledge through graphic workshops and courses. Additionally, he has lent his expertise to several international media companies, contributing as consultant, infographic artist and illustrator.

Javier is a dedicated enthusiast of all visual communication mediums, and has a passion for graphic novels, video games, and animation.

President Biden uses one of Javier’s graphics to explain new offshore turbines (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Javier’s side by side comparison of President Trump’s and President Obama’s inauguration crowds for Vox.com caused a political turmoil in 2016

Javier talks about graphics with King Felipe VI of Spain at Los Angeles Times newsroom in 2013 and at El Correo, Bilbao in 2003

Work History

  1. USA Today.
  2. Vox.com.
  3. Los Angeles Times.
  4. The Boston Globe.
  5. San Jose Mercury News.
  6. Diario El CORREO.
  7. Grupo Vocento.

Select Clients

  • Wirtschaftwoche.
  • Lonely Planet.
  • National Geographic Traveler.
  • NRK.
  • Outside Magazine.
  • De Financiale Dagblat.
  • La Vanguardia.
  • Le Monde.
  • New Zealand Herald.
  • Expresso.
  • Capital Weekly.


Ball State University 

Majeri Award 2021.

Gannett Greatest 2021.

Editor and Publisher Awards, 6 Eppys.

Society for News Design: 58 awards.

Malofiej: 28 Medals.

5 European Design awards.

Contact me

  1. jzarracina@mac.com

  2. Twitter
  3. @jzarracina



Authory https://authory.com/JavierZarracina